Over the years I’ve worked with many great people in the industry, from brand professionals, Olympians, broadcasters, retail shop owners and outdoor buyers. I’ve asked some of those people to write a short testimonial – it’s the best way of showing you what it’s like to work with me… 

Graham Bell - Olympic Skier, TV presenter & journalist

Jason Summerfield is one of the most respected figures in the British Ski and Snowboard industry. He always has time to listen to anyone’s opinion and will give open and honest advice and help. Having said that, he has always been fiercely loyal to his brands. So much so that I used to joke, that if you were to cut his leg off, you would see tree trunk rings marking the products and models of skis he has championed of the years. 

Phil Gordon - Equipment buyer Snow and Rock

Jason always brings a positive perspective to the many situations and finds common ground to create solutions. When business and times are “good” things are easy – it is when things are difficult that real relationships are formed/We are able to reach out and speak with Jason on many topics and find solutions to a variety of challenges. He brings a lot of infectious enthusiasm to his many projects and the launch.

Steve Wells - Buyer and Manager Ellis Brigham

I’ve worked with Jason for over 15 years across various brands. He’s always been a true professional and pleasure to deal with. He’s thorough and always follows through on agreed actions. Jason is not one of those agents who are only there when it’s time to sell, he’s connected throughout the sell-in and sell-through. He is creative in ideas and solutions and provides the kind of support a retailer wants if they’re going to get involved with a brand.

Matt Chilton - BBC and Eurosport Commentator

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Jason on a number of projects for the last decade. His enthusiasm and dedication to delivering brand success is infectious. Jason is unfailing positive in his outlook, calm under pressure and driven. Jason’s knowledge and respect within the industry is unrivalled. On top of all this, he’s also great company!

Colin Martin - Owner Solutions 4 Feet

Having worked with Jason for over 20 years now at both a former employer and with my current business he has always proven to have his finger on the pulse of the brands and the market, any brand looking for an advocate who can develop their presence in the UK market place would be hard pushed to find a better person.

Heather Mills - Para-Olympic athlete

Jason has been a great support and enabled me to access the best skis to become the world speed record holder at over 166.84 miles an hour, to this day I still hold the record achieved, as well as four gold medals and one silver. Jason has an immense knowledge in this and the outdoor industry and I hope to get to work with him again in the future.

Russell O'Neil - GoPro Senior Territory Manager MEA & Core Markets

I’ve worked alongside Jason for over 15 years throughout the ever-changing Action Sports industry. His quick and innovative thinking has always kept him ahead of the competition and he has developed many class leading practices. I would have every confidence of my business exceeding expectations under his management.

Konrad Bartelski - Olympic skier and photographer

I have worked with Jason for more than a decade and he is always pushing for innovative and exciting ways to penetrate and expand markets. His proactive philosophy always makes for effective and productive campaigns.

Paul Telling - Team GB Coach Youth Olympics & World Junior Championships

Over the past 15 years, we have worked with Jason and the brands that he has represented on a regular basis, and have always been overwhelmed by the knowledge and passion that he has for them. He has supported and created opportunities for more athletes and events than anyone else I know in the industry, and always done so with an infectious enthusiasm for the brands and everyone involved. Anyone looking for someone to represent their brand and product with as much passion and belief as they do needs look no further Jason.

Matt Humphreys Category Manager Winter Sports. Head UK Ltd.

Very rarely do competitors in business become the best of friends, but in the last 20 years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jason both “on, and off field”. As far as business is concerned he always conducts himself with the passion and enthusiasm you would expect from a very knowledgeable business manager, yet when the business is done he’s also great company to be around.

Michael White - Chief Commercial Officer Amer Sports

Jason has always been a valued manager and employee at Amer Sports, working tirelessly to deliver strong and improving results for the company. He has demonstrated skill and sensitivity in his role, dedication to the company and commitment to providing a high-quality, reliable services to his customers. I have always found him to be diplomatic, respectful of others, hard-working and determined to deliver results with a high level of professionalism. I would not hesitate to recruit him again given the right opportunity.