Halti is a Finnish outdoor brand with over 40 years of experience. People are seeking new waves to balance their busy and stressful lives. Halti exists to help people find their own peak moments – to experience the balance, calmness and harmony come with connecting to the natural world. We exist to help everyone find their own way to enjoy outdoor activities.


Fischer Sports GmbH is the global leader in Nordic Skiing and one of the world’s leading brands in Alpine skiing, known for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Fischer is also one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality ice hockey sticks. Fischer’s vision is to be the winter athlete’s brand of choice through outstanding products, created for everlasting moments and new levels of individual performance.


ONE WAY is taking off in the ’21-’22 season with a brand relaunch. Founded in Finland in 2004 and under the Fischer Sports umbrella since 2018, the highly regarded brand is stepping into the future with a fresh new look and is creating a sensation with its first-ever comprehensive Alpine pole collection. The revolutionary GTX concept for customizable Alpine poles was immediately honored with an ISPO AWARD 2021 by its panel of experts.


We are a group of friends, all from the mountain town of Åre, northern Sweden, who share a passion for a life lived outdoors and the wild. Up here, our weather changes in the blink an eye; from extreme arctic sunlight to deep winter darkness; from heavy snowfall to fog and stormy rain. But that doesn’t stop us; it’s part of why we love it here. However, some of these rapid changes are because of mankind’s impact on the environment and we are determined to do what we can to minimise our footprint.