Syndicate Brand Partnerships in collaboration with FISCHER SPORTS GMBH uses personal information solely for the purposes of administering the Junior Rocketeers Competition.

Entries must be submitted with an adult and any contact details provided must belong to the legal guardian or parent overseeing the entry.

We do not pass on or sell personal information and/or contact details to any third parties. 

We may use anonymised and aggregated information for reporting our activity to FISCHER SPORTS GMBH

The legal basis for processing personal data of children is consent;

  • Consent must be provided by a child’s parent/guardian by signing the consent input on the entry form – which requires confirmation that the Parental Consent Information has been read and understood.
  • The Parental Consent Form must be submitted at the same time and in line with the competition entry.

You, or your child, may change your mind about submitting personal information at any time. To do so, please contact us at [email protected] using the subject “CONSENT WITHDRAWAL”

We will treat your information with respect. In withdrawing your consent, we will immediately purge any information we are holding regarding your entry.

For more information about our privacy practices please visit: https://syndicatebrandpartnerships.com/junior-rocketeers-data-privacy-notice/

By reading this ‘Parental Information Document’ and signing the consent included in the Junior Rocketeers Competition entry form, you agree that we may process personal information and supplemental entry data including videos and imagery provided in accordance with these terms.

Videos and images uploaded will only be used to support your application. 

This includes our judging panel (names and occupations can be found on the entry webpage below the entry form section) viewing all uploaded materials as a part of administering the Junior Rocketeers Competition.

By reading this document and signing, typing or otherwise submitting “I CONSENT” (lower and uppercase variants accepted) into the Parental Consent input section on the Junior Rocketeers Competition Entry Form you consent to us storing any submitted form data, including media uploaded, for the purposes of carrying out the Junior Rocketeers Competition.

The personal information you have submitted will be purged within one year from announcement of the winning entries. This time has been chosen, as winning entries have a grace period to respond for receipt of their prize. Should they fail to do so we will move on to the runner-up entry and again attempt contact.

After that date, all personal information will be permanently deleted. 

The winning entries may be shared on the Syndicate Brand Partnerships and FISCHER SPORTS GMBH social media; only the child’s age, name and/or region i.e., England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland will be attached. If this is the case we will gather a separate consent when we contact the guardian / parent of the winning entry.